A Guide to Know About Types of Website Builder

A website builder is a program that helps you in making a website and these are the tools which permit the designing of a website without manual editing. By selecting a suitable website builder, you can design a website according to your needs.

There are basically two types of website builders:

Offline Website Builders

These builders mostly come as software programs that can be downloaded and installed on your computer. You can create a website and also save the files on the computer and when the site gets ready you have to upload it on a web host.

It offers the advantage that you can work on your website even if you are offline because the software is running on your computer. But in order to upload your files to a web host, you should have the technical expertise. Even you have to purchase a web hosting account.

Online Website Builders

These builders are web-based and they run on the services provided by the provider. There is no need to install the software on your computer. You only need a browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and an internet connection. It assists you to work on your website from any kind of location.

These online website builders are equipped with web hosting services so there is no need to purchase them separately. Some online website builders are helpful for those people who do not have any kind of coding experience.

Working Of An Online Website Builder

These online website builders are very simple to use and are beneficial to beginners. A complete website can be created fast with the help of a drag and drop editor. With the help of this editor, the user builds a website by dragging the elements and they need to be dropped at the locations which are desirable. There is no need for coding knowledge.

An online website builder works in the following ways:

  • You need to choose the design template that suits your needs. There is a library of websites templates available.
  • Each template has a built-in element. In order to edit an element (replacing the text and images with your own), you need to click. By clicking you can open the editor and make the desired changes.
  • You can add new elements that include images, videos, photo gallery, blogs, etc. Even social sharing buttons like Facebook, Twitter can be added.
  • When you are satisfied and happy with your new website you can click on the publish button and your website will be visible online.


Thus, with the help of a website builder, you can make your own website that meets your requirement. You can try out 2 or 3 websites builders before you make a final decision for a particular website builder.